Lapo Boschi
Laboratoire ISTEP
Equipe LSD


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Acoustic display

  • data from Boschi et al., On the perception of audified seismograms, SRL, 2017 (see the included readme file for details).


  • Radially anisotropic S-velocity model SAVANI plus the relative documentation (Auer et al., JGR, 2014)

  • S-velocity model from joint inversion of noise- and earthquake-based surface waves, with documentation (Kaestle et al., JGR, 2018)


  • Ambient-noise cross-correlation and dispersion-curve measurement in the frequency domain Python code, requires Obspy. NB: please read this before downloading.

  • Surface wave ray tracing with azimuthal anisotropy software (in collaboration with John Woodhouse).

  • Spherical Harmonic ANalysis and SYNthesis (software by Thorsten Becker to interpret Becker & Boschi's (2002) model database format).

  • SEATREE (I have contributed programs larry, Syn2D and larry3d to this library of geophysical software for the classroom).

  • Updated: Feb 12, 2018.