Lapo Boschi
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By "popular science" I mean the efforts of scientists and science journalists to explain scientific concepts to a non-specialized audience. I have published my first article on a non-scientific magazine in the aftermath of the tragic 2009 L'Aquila earthquake.

I have conceived and hosted (2011-2012) the radio show The Hard Drive at Radio LoRa Zurich.

I have co-authored an article on sonification of seismic data, appeared on a French magazine gathering to acoustics professionals:
Paté, A., L. Boschi, L. Delcor, B. Holtzman, D. Dubois, J. L. Le Carrou, and C. Fritz, 2018.
Sonification pour l'exploration et l'analyse de données - Résultats récents et perspectives via l'exemple de la sismologie.
Acoustique et Technique, n.88, 34--40.

The PETAQUAKE project was featured in an article on ETH life, September 2010.

Model SAVANI by Auer et al. has been used as a teaching tool of INGV ScienzAperta project.

Updated: March 30, 2016.