Lapo Boschi
Tarje Nissen-Meyer
Seismology and Geodynamics Group
Swiss Seismological Service
Institute of Geophysics
Department of Earth Sciences

ETH 651-4006-00L Course in spherical Earth seismology

[seismic tomography course at ETH (fall semester)] [SEATREE]
Goal: after taking this course, students will have the background knowledge necessary to start an original research project in global theoretical seismology.
Topics: brief review of continuum mechanics and earthquake modeling. Approaches to solving the momentum equation in realistic Earth models, or ways to calculate a theoretical seismogram: homogeneous wave equation; P and S waves; eikonal equation and ray tracing; surface-wave solutions; normal-mode solutions. The problem of identifying a spherically symmetric model for the Earth (starting model for 3-D tomography).
Please check this webpage often to download course material.


  • 21.02.12: Introduction and logistics: [tentative course syllabus] [Brief history of global seismology]

  • 28.02.12: Review of continuum mechanics [lecture notes]

  • 06./13.03.12: Seismic sources I and II [lecture notes]

  • 20./27.03.12: Body waves I and II [lecture notes]

  • 03.04.12: Numerical methods [lecture notes]

  • 17.04.12: Betti's theorem, the Green's problem, representation theorem [lecture notes]

  • 24.04.12: ray theory [lecture notes] and surface waves [lecture notes]

  • 08.05.12: surface waves, II [lecture notes]

  • 15.05.12: normal modes: the string [lecture notes] and the Earth [lecture notes]

  • April 23 2012