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Supervised Students

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Currently Supervised Students

  • Mohamadian 'Yasir' Sarvandani (ISTEP, co-supervised with Sylvie Leroy): Ambient-noise tomography from ocean-bottom seismic data.

  • Fabrizio Magrini, (University of Roma TRE; co-supervised with Fabio Cammarano): the role of attenuation in ambient-noise seismology.

    Previously Supervised Students

  • Aida Hejazi (ISTEP, co-supervised with Julien de Rosny (Inst Langevin) and Philippe Roux (ISTERRE Grenoble)) physical acoustics experiments on the role of scattering in ambient-noise seismology. Now a post-doctoral fellow at LIB, Sorbonne University, Paris.

  • Michael Reinwald (Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomedicale UPMC, co-supervised with Quentin Grimal (LIB) and Stefan Catheline (INSERM Lyon)) bone conduction and echo-location: numerical and analogic models. Now a Research Associate at King's College, London.

  • Emanuel Kästle (ISTEP, co-supervised with Claudio Rosenberg and Nicolas Bellahsen) Ambient noise imaging and geology of the Alpine lithosphere. Now a post-doctoral fellow at Freie Universität, Berlin.

  • Laurianne Delcor (Equipe Lutheries-Acoustique-Musique, Institut D'Alembert, UPMC, co-supervised with Jean-Loic Le Carrou and Claudia Fritz), Master's thesis on the categorization of seismic data by auditory display. Laurianne is now a doctoral candidate at LVA Villeurbanne, working in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters.

  • Andrea Tesoniero (University of Copenhagen; co-supervised with Fabio Cammarano): Determining the Earth's compositional heterogeneity from global seismic data. Andrea is now a post-doc at Yale University.

  • Ludwig Auer (ETH Zürich, co-supervised with Tarje Nissen-Meyer: Radial anisotropy of the Earth's mantle: tomography, dynamics and mineral physics. Ludwig works as a software developed at Tracktics, in Zurich.

  • Félicie Korostelev (ISTEP, co-supervised with Sylvie Leroy): Ambient noise imaging of the Afar-Yemen region. Félicie graduated in September, 2015, and is now a high-school teacher in the Paris area.

  • Corinna Roy (IPG Paris, co-supervised with Giovanni Occhipinti): OTH-radar tomography of the ionosphere electron density. Corinna graduated in 2014 and is now a post-doctoral fellow at Berkeley.

  • Cornelis 'Kees' Weemstra (also at SPECTRASEIS Zurich): seismic ambient noise cross-correlation, Bessel functions, attenuation, and the oil industry. Kees graduated from ETH in 2013 and is now a post-doc at TU Delft.

  • Andrea Colombi (co-supervised with Tarje Nissen-Meyer): finite-frequency tomography of the deep Earth. Analogue and numerical modeling of seismic ambient noise. (Graduated from ETH in 2013, Andrea was later a Marie-Curie fellow at Imperial College and has been awarded the Swiss Ambizione grant in 2017).

  • Steve Della Mora: Earth harmonic spectrum inversion from the stochastic analysis of global seismic data. (After graduating from ETH in 2012, Steve is now working for Zurich Insurance Group in Zurich.)

  • Julie Verbeke: Rayleigh- and Love-wave dispersion in Europe from seismic ambient noise. Julie graduated from ETH in 2011, was a post-doc at the Lamont-Doherty Observatory and IPGP and is now working at CGG in the Paris area.

  • Julia Schäfer: European upper mantle tomography: adaptively parameterized models. Julia graduated from ETH in 2011 and now works at Hannover Re, Germany.

  • Bill Fry: ambient-noise and teleseismic tomography of the European/mediterranean upper mantle. Bill graduated from ETH in 2007 and is now senior researcher at GNS Science, New Zealand.

  • Daniel Peter: Numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation: the membrane-wave method. Daniel graduated from ETH in 2007 and was for some years a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University, U.S.A. He is now assistant professor at KAUST (Saudi Arabia).

    Previously supervised students at the University of Naples

  • Simona Carannante: I supervised Simona in the final year of her M.A. studies (2003/04). Simona wrote a dissertation on the agreement between global surface-wave databases. She is now a researcher at INGV, Italy.

  • Updated: November 28, 2018.