Lapo Boschi
Stephan Husen
Seismology and Geodynamics Group
Swiss Seismological Service
Institute of Geophysics
Department of Earth Sciences

ETH 651-1654-00 G Course in Seismic Tomography

[seismic tomography course material: 2010/11] [theoretical seismology (spring semester)] [SEATREE]
Seismic tomography is the science of interpreting seismic measurements (seismograms) to derive information about the structure of the Earth. The subject of this course is the formal relationship existing between a seismic measurement and the nature of the Earth, or of certain regions of the Earth, and the ways in which we use seismic measurements to understand the Earth. Please check this webpage often to download course material.


  • 21.09.11: introduction to the course; early efforts in Earth mapping [tentative course syllabus] [lecture notes][reading assignment]

  • 28.09.11 and 12.10.11: global body-wave tomography 1984-present [lecture notes] [slides] [reading assignment]

  • 19.10.11: global surface-wave tomography [lecture notes] [slides] [reading assignment]

  • 26.10.11: finite-frequency tomography and the adjoint method [lecture notes][addition to the lecture notes] [slides] [reading assignment]

  • 02.11.11: LET: Introduction and Theory [slides part 1] [slides part 2] [reading assignment 1] [reading assignment 2]

  • 09.11.11: LET: Data quality [slides] [reading assignment]

  • 16.11.11: LET: Minimum 1D model [slides] [reading assignment 1] [reading assignment 2]

  • 23.11.11: LET: Solution Quality [slides] [reading assignment 1] [reading assignment 2]

  • 30.11.11: LET: Model Parameterization & Solution of the Forward Problem [slides part1] [slides part2] [reading assignment 1] [reading assignment 2]

  • 07.12.11: High-resolution teleseismic tomography [slides] [reading assignment 1] [reading assignment 2]

    Homework assignments:

  • Global surface-wave phase-velocity tomography [software and instructions (read the document called howto.pdf)][links to GMT software webpage]

  • Minimum 1D model computation [detailed instructions (read the document homeworkSH.doc]

  • Updated: Nov 17, 2011.